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All kits come with 1 BOOK and 4 KITS.

  • Needle felt Reddy Fox, embroider some yellow jacket bookmarks, hem A hanky for Jimmy, and create an assortment of paper egg beads that would make Unc’ Billy’s mouth water. See below for complete details.
  • Kit includes: 3 different Cross Stitch Bookmarks 3 different Bookbinding Projects 2 Anchor Rope Bracelets 2 nautical Monkey's Fist Keychains
  • The Princess and the Goblin is a beautiful fairytale that only George MacDonald could have "spun".  Make Grandmother's ring, learn how to spin a thread as fine as gossamer, pick a few felt primroses along the way, and construct your very own scary little goblin to sing to. See below for complete details.
  • Professor Sherman has just had the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, he had no desire to have an adventure.  His dream was to float in his giant hot air balloon high in the sky for a year, alone and undisturbed.  So, it was both a blessing and a curse when he crashlanded onto an un-deserted "deserted" island and meets the amazing people who live there. In this kit you'll get to make your very own fleet of balloons, crochet beaded "coal & diamond" jewelry, sculpt your very own flock of naughty seagulls, and try your hand at macrame. See below for complete details.
  • In the Lands Beyond, you might meet any number of unusual and interesting characters.  Milo certainly does.  He meets a watchdog named Tock, who joins him on his journey.  Together, they head to Dictionopolis and then Digitopolis.  There are demons to battle, princesses to save, and doldrums to escape. In this kit you'll get to make your very own Tock the Watchdog with a real watch!, explore the many sides of Mr. Dodecahedron, sculpt your very own demons to squash into Worry Stones, and embroider a beautiful Spelling Bee. See below for complete details.
  • Join the Little Prince in discovering the wonders of friendship, love, and responsibility.  We meet the Little Prince through the eyes of an airplane pilot who has crash landed in a desert.  The pilot's unexpected friend tells of his journey and adventure from his home planet to various other planets, to finally catching a shooting star which brought him to earth. See below for complete details.
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