The Twenty-One Balloons


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Professor Sherman has just had the adventure of a lifetime. Unfortunately, he had no desire to have an adventure.  His dream was to float in his giant hot air balloon high in the sky for a year, alone and undisturbed.  So, it was both a blessing and a curse when he crashlanded onto an un-deserted “deserted” island and meets the amazing people who live there.

In this kit you’ll get to make your very own fleet of balloons, crochet beaded “coal & diamond” jewelry, sculpt your very own flock of naughty seagulls, and try your hand at macrame.

See below for complete details.

49 in stock


Kit includes:

1 – Printed and online tutorials with tons of pictures and video.
2 – 1 copy of The Twenty-One Balloons in paperback
3 – Access to our online Facebook group & Instagram community.
4 – All materials needed to complete the following handicrafts.*

Balloon Parade – 3D Hand Sewn Mobile –  Hot air balloons and clouds are hung on an embroidery hoop mobile.
Coal & Diamond Jewelry – 2 “coal” bracelets, 1 “diamond” necklace – Jewelry is crocheted with beads.  Kit includes crochet hook.
Macrame Wall Vase – Knot Tying Macrame – Kit includes Mason Jar, dowel, and rope to create a hanging wall vase.
Bad Seagull – Clay sculpting – Tiny Fimo clay seagull tutorial that includes a glass container to capture him in as well as a necklace.


* The only thing you will need in addition to this kit is a pair of sharp scissors that will cut felt.  You might also want to join our once a week open handicraft session where your child can come share their latest projects and get help with anything they’re working on.  Click on photo below to add to cart.


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