The Phantom Tollbooth


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In the Lands Beyond, you might meet any number of unusual and interesting characters.  Milo certainly does.  He meets a watchdog named Tock, who joins him on his journey.  Together, they head to Dictionopolis and then Digitopolis.  There are demons to battle, princesses to save, and doldrums to escape.

In this kit you’ll get to make your very own Tock the Watchdog with a real watch!, explore the many sides of Mr. Dodecahedron, sculpt your very own demons to squash into Worry Stones, and embroider a beautiful Spelling Bee.

See below for complete details.

10 in stock


Kit includes:

1 – Printed and online tutorials with tons of pictures and video.
2 – 1 copy of The Phantom Tollbooth in paperback
3 – Access to our online Facebook group & Instagram community.
4 – All materials needed to complete the following handicrafts.

Worry Stones – Clay Sculpting –  Clay enough for 16 worry stones.  Includes eye posts for 4.
The Spelling Bee – Embroidery –  Kit includes fabric, hoop, pattern, needles, embroidery floss… well, everything you need to complete the Spelling Bee.  Learn multiple types of stitches from the online tutorial.
Mr. Dodecahedron – Paper Sculpting – Kit includes paper in multiple colors to create two types of rhombic dodecahedrons and multiple dodecahedrons to decorate with faces.  Online tutorial has templates for unlimited printing.
Tock the Watchdog – Needle Felting – Felt your very own Tock complete with working watch.


You might also want to join our once a week open handicraft session where your child can come share their latest projects and get help with anything they’re working on.  Click on the photo below to add to cart.


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