Sibling Add-On

$16.00 / month for 12 months with 1 month free trial

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This product is only available for EXISTING subscribers who wish to have enough supplies for 1 additional child. Below are the exact extra kits you will receive. The price is a reflection of the total divided by the entire subscription. There are no refunds for canceling this during a subscription and you will be charged for the first month which you received free. Please email randi@handmeacraft with any questions.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk – 1 Reddy Fox Needle Felting

Carry On Mr. Bowditch – Nothing needed.

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon – 1 Goldfish Needle Felting, 1 Jade Dragon Hand Sewing

The Princess and the Goblin – 1 Sock Goblin

Freckles – 1 Paper Pinning Shadow Box

Little Prince – 1 Origami Stars with Twinkle lights, 1 Crochet Fox, 1 Elephant & Boa, 1 Friend Sheep (this is all 4 projects)

The Blue Fairy Book – 1 Bead Loom, 1 Mini Basket Weaving

Endless Steppe – 1 Watermelon Bead Bracelet, 1 Leather Boot Key Chain, 1 Ribbon Lilac, 1 Beginning Knitting (this is all 4 projects)

Little Men – 1 Felting Egg

The Phantom Tollbooth – 1 Tock the Dog Needle Felting, 1 Spelling Bee Embroidery

Pagoo – 1 Starfish Bookmark, 1 Cowrie Shell Bracelet, 1 Woven Bracelet, 1 Hand Sewn Pagoo (this is all 4 projects)

21 Balloons – 1 Diamonds & Coal Jewelry, 1 Macrame Vase


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