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Be ready for a nature hike snack with your all-natural reusable lunch wrap.  Capture the beauty of the monarch in a paper shadowbox.  Learn the old art of tatting when you recreate little flowers just like the violets Freckles plants.  Finally, Sew a few friends with this unique pattern using beautiful fabric.

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24 in stock


Each kit includes 1 copy of Freckles and 4 crafts with all materials needed for:

Freckles Lunch Wraps – wax craft (makes 4 )

Limberlost Chickens – hand sewing (makes 2)

Shadowbox Butterflies – paper cutting & folding (enough to make 1)

Tatting Flowers Bracelets – tatting  (makes 2)

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Dimensions 11 × 16 × 4 in


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