Purchase on Assigned DAY Only

Don’t worry, I’ll send a reminder on the morning of your assigned day as well.
Purchase the items you selected on the original form.  You will need to add each item to your cart individually.
Purchase only the color of item listed below.  
Example:Soft Gripper – 2.  Woodland Creatures Palette – 4
It will feel like you’re buying multiples of the same item but I will send both types of grippers and all 4 colors of palettes.  If you are only purchasing 1 gripper or less than 4 palettes please email me at randi@handmeacraft.com with the colors you would like. 

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Get Reimbursed

**SHIPPING not included

Reimbursment will happen within a 2hrs.  

As mentioned in the form, you will be reimbursed the total amount minus shipping.  

Shipping costs 7.00 total.  

This is a backend cost for me so you won’t see it on your purchase.  I will be watching sales constantly and reimbursing immediately.  You will receive a text or email you when I have done so.

If you don’t hear from me by the next day please feel free to email me at randi@handmeacraft.com to inquire.


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