Jimmy Skunk is READY!!

After several… and I really mean several weeks of prepping and packing and label making and and and….  The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk handicraft kit is done!

We couldn’t be more excited with the results!  We have 15 kits in stock.


The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk Kit includes all the materials and supplies to make the following:

Reddy Fox – This is a very simple needle felting craft with GREAT results. Isn’t he so cute????

Yellow Jacket Book Mark – You’ll actually have enough felt to make 3 of these cute bookmarks.  We include a stitch guide as well.

Jimmy’s Hanky – Learning how to do a mitered corner couldn’t be any easier.  We’ve ironed and pinned the first one for you already.  You’ll have enough to make 2 of these great little hankies.

Unc’ Possum’s Egg Bracelet – Remember making paper beads as a kid?  I do… I loved it!  You’ll have an assortment of pre-cut paper ready to roll.  A coat of clear nail polish gives it added sparkle and shine at the end.

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