Why should I shop at Hand Me a Craft?

Teach Skills
Save Time
Powerful Literature
You’re Not Alone

Our Kits Are Based on Literature

4 Crafts  |  1 Book 

EVERYthing you need to increase comprehension and learn valuable handicraft skills.

It’s like the ultimate place to embrace your inner literary fandom.  

Online tutorials with endless images and videos help even the beginner feel confident.

What is included in the literature based kits?

Online Tutorials

Balloon Parade

In addition to printed instructions, every craft kit includes access to online tutorials.  Click on the image above to view one of our tutorials.

Supplies & Tools

If you need pliers, you’ve got them.  If you need a needle and thread, it’s right there.  These kits are designed to open and create.  Everything is included.


Great  Books

Every kit includes the book.  These are high quality brand new paperbacks.  

We pass our bulk pricing along to you to keep your cost down.